World’s Hardest Game


Use the arrow keys to avoid all the obstacles and finish each level!

Worlds hardest game is a very challenging leisure game.  In this game, you need to guide your red square from one green area, through the boundary with blue balls rolling back and forth, and to the opposite green space, then the task is completed, and the game is successful.

Worlds hardest game’s game operations

In Worlds hardest game, the red square is moved by four direction keys.

Worlds hardest game

To enter the Worlds hardest game, you need to control the red square so that it can quickly pass through the blocked ball.  This process is not as simple as imagined, you need to operate the square skillfully and rapidly, otherwise, once the ball hits it, it means the game fails, and you can see your red square is defeated by the ball instantly.

Worlds hardest game features

The speed of the ball is a bit fast from the beginning to the end. You need to control the red square accurately to reach the opposite green border quickly and safely while avoiding obstacles.  Secondly, the Worlds hardest game has enough levels, and you can challenge these delicate items to your heart’s content.

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